Project Members


Ethan Edson graduated from Northeastern University is 2015 with a B.S. in Marine and Environmental Science.  After spending six weeks sailing aboard a tallship with SEA Semester's Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program in 2013, Ethan became fascinated with the high levels of microplastic pollution that he saw in the middle of the Sargasso Sea, and noticed a lack of technology for collecting and studying microplastics.  Ethan is a "maker" at heart and utilizes open source technology, 3D printing, and self-built optical equipment to meet the complex design goals of the MantaRay Microplastic Sampler.  Ethan has a patent pending for MantaRay and is working towards commercialization of the sampler during 2017.

Mark Patterson holds a joint appointment at Northeastern University in the Departments of Marine and Environmental Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering. He received his PhD, A.M., and A.B., magna cum laude with highest honors in biology from Harvard. Mark is expert on the physiological ecology and biomechanics of marine invertebrates and marine robotics and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). He has spent 89 days living on the seafloor in underwater habitats. He co-developed the Fetch and Leviathan AUVs and holds two US patents. Mark is a crucial knowledge source and advisor for the development of the MantaRay Microplastic Sampler.